Local Business Feature: Mask Costumes

Have you always had the desire to have the best costume at a Halloween party? Does that same super creative friend who seems to have it all together always win? Not this year!

Let Mask Costumes owner, Laura Bedore, outfit you for Halloween or any themed party. 

Two of our agents, Amber Briem and Michelle Lemire, spoke with The Fairy Godmother of Mask, Laura, to find out how you can dress to impress.

Unlike those other scary costume shops, when you walk into this enchanted store you will find a staff of super hero's ready to help with your disguise. Of course, they offer the normal costumes you can buy, along with witch hats and eye patches, but what you really want to do is set an appointment for a costume fitting.

For about the same price as buying a staple costume, Mask has hundreds of custom choices and after your event you d/won't ever need to worry about finding a place in your closet or doing laundry. 

Although Halloween may be the most popular time of the year for costumes, Mask is open all year round for all the other events where dressing up is no hocus pocus. One of their largest events of the year is the Jane Austen Ball in February. Going to Disney? They will outfit your whole family to make sure the experience is even more magical. 

This is no prank, stop by today to find a wicked good ensemble. 

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