Local Business Neighbor Feature: Wild Birds Unlimited

Our agents, Michelle Lemire and Amber Briem, have become regulars at Wild Birds Unlimited. It's only a few doors down from our office. Real estate is our passion, but when we need a break, this sweet place provides a convenient retreat.

They offer a variety of feeders and seed, bird baths, books, and a surprising array of gift ideas, from jewelry, door mats, colorful socks and so much more!

Kelli Frame is the owner extraordinaire. Surprisingly, she comes from a high tech background. Her past life includes titles such as “Technical Director of Engineering”.

Two and a half years ago, she realized she wanted a change. She left the tech world to enter the world of birds and has never looked back. It is obvious she is passionate about what she does. When asked if she ever had regrets about her career change, she confidently stated, “Not for one minute!”

Kelli was introduced to birding in college and has always carried a love for birds. She has been in the Salt Lake area since high school and loves it here. She especially likes Holladay for the birding opportunities.

Chickadees are her favorite bird. She describes them as cute, little and polite. They never make a mess at the feeders. Not like Summer’s favorite, the Scrub-Jay, which she laughingly refers to as the “thug” of the backyard.

If you would like to attract Chickadees into your yard, Kelli suggests Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. 

Kelli’s mission at Wild Bird’s Unlimited is to teach people the joy in feeding and watching birds. She loves hearing memories shared from her clients of experiences they had as children when a grandmother or grandfather shared their love of birds with them.

It is very important to her to protect the health of birds through providing a high quality, healthy product and educating people on what to do and what not to do to protect the birds in their backyards. She would like to help people in being proactive in keeping birds from spreading disease. Cleaning feeders is crucial! 

“If we are feeding birds in our backyards, we have a responsibility to keep them safe.” Kelli says. We would have to agree wholeheartedly.

We encourage you to come and visit Kelli and Summer. You won’t regret it and you will likely be back!